Small SUV's – Vans – Trucks Add $1.00
Large Over-sized Vehicles Add $2.00
Triple Polish Wax $4.00
Air Fragrance $1.00
Clean Mats (4) – Plastic $3.00
Clean Mats (4) – Carpet $6.00
High Pressure Chemical Rim Clean $6.00
Tire Dressing $3.00
Interior Dressing $8.00
Exterior Dressing $6.00
Complete Dressing $14.00
Interior Leather Conditioning $20.00
Custom Bucket Wash $25.00 & up
Boat & RV Wash $3.00/ft & up
Boat & RV Wax $10.00/ft & up
Windshield Repair and Replacement $39.95 & up
Car Wash Services

All our washes are done with soft clothes and high pressure wash. We do no use any automated bristles scratching the paint of your car. Hand dry standard on all our packages.

Detail Services

If your car is in need of a detail service we can get that done for you. We even offer to pick you up and drop you off if there is somewhere you need go.

Extra Services

Make sure to check out our extra services anything from your floor mats cleaned to an RV wash or wax. Click below to see prices.